The Butch Walsh Memorial

Friday 06/15/18

In the Lites race, Ryan Locke ended a number of weeks of heartbreak after four engine failures, to take down an emotional victory for him and his family. A stress filled day saw Locke start the day with high school finals, and end the day victorious on Star’s victory lane.

Locke cruised to victory from his front row starting spot, but was not without competition, as Jim Chambers came from deep in the field to finish second, and Richie Coy who had his best run so far this year was third, Dan Cugini, Ben Mikitarian, Rob Richardi, Kyle Valeri, Jake Trainor, and Bruce Finley rounded out the top ten.

“The night before we spent the entire day on the car with the Cugini’s – being a stressful day already with me having finals that morning. Ended up getting the car together that night staying up till 3 in the morning Saturday to wake up at 7 that morning. We packed up everything and headed our way to the track. I kept thinking about the 4 motors we had been through already and the misfortune we had had in the previous races hoping that this would be different to at least get through practice. Car got through practice like a rocket ship handling great all day,” said Locke. “The race couldn’t have gone any better considering the start with 1st and 2nd both going wide in the second lap from there it was managing tires and managing the tightness in three and four changing lines to be faster. I can’t thank everyone enough when it comes to that nearly all nighter from the Cugini’s and my family to all the sponsors – Locke Crane Services, Shawmut Equipment, Chester General Store, and Sweet Manufacturing – for the support to get us where we are now,” said Locke.